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Tracing The Meridians

Meridians-PrayingTracing our meridians as a Reiki Practice opens the flow of Reiki Energy from our One Creator into our meridians. Our meridians are tuned up to pitch like strings of a musical instrument vibrating in harmony with Our One Creator.  

The tuning of our meridian system brings Our Creators Light and Love as Ki into our Chakra System. Our Chakra System brings Ki into the auras around our body and pranas within our body which in turn brigs Ki into our physical body.  It is all about becoming more in tune with God who is the giver of Reiki.


The Songlines connect us with the Light and Love of All the Personalities of God who are the different Ki-Rays of the Light and Love of our One Creator.  

As we trace our meridians as a Reiki practice with the Songlines we connect with the meridians of the Personalities of God who bring their Rays of Light and Love into our being on every level, thus bringing more Light, Love and harmony into our lives, our relationships and the world around us.

This is a practice of tracing the Meridians through the Songlines of the Divine Blueprint, connecting with the totality of God within us and around us. Both the outer pathways and the inner pathways of the meridians are traced.


The Meridian Wheel

The Keystone

Below are Detailed Video Illustrations
The Inner and Outer Pathways of the Meridians

The illustrations were given to us by Yanyan Feng while she was living in China.

Spleen Meridian - Tav


Heart Meridian - Beit


Small Intestine Meridian - Gimel


Bladder Meridian - Daled


Kidney Meridian - Kaf


Pericardium Meridian - Pei


Pericardium Meridian - Reish


Triple Warmer Meridian - Tav


Gall Bladder Meridian - Beit


Liver Meridian - Gimel


Lung Meridian - Daled


Large Intestine Meridian - Kaf


Stomach Meridian - Pei


Stomach Meridian - Reish