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Awakening of Reiju Reiki

The Journey

Yeshua's words were ringing in my ears as I sat in the car.  I couldn't believe I was in the parking lot of a Christian bookstore.  A few days before, Yeshua spoke to me and asked me to give Leslie a Bible.  I had my doubts about what I was hearing, but now found myself sitting in the car outside of the bookstore in a state of heightened awareness. My heart was pounding.

The moment I made the decision to listen to Yeshua and go in and purchase a Bible for Leslie, I heard Yeshua say "The Miracle Begins"

Later that evening, I was really nervous about giving Leslie a Bible.  Leslie was a yoga teacher and among the many books she was studying were The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, The Mahabharata, The Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha, the Aquarian Gospel.  She really Loved the Gospel According to Mary Magdelene.

As Leslie studied she would keep notes in her sketch books along with illustrations she would find as well as her own drawings that related to what she was studying.  She integrated her studies of the Four Noble Truths, the Sevens of Time and the Tenfold nature of Divine Love into her yoga classes creating a unique atmosphere.

Leslie had a fascination with the poems of Rumi, Laleshwari and Hafiz and would frequently read their poems, from her note books, near the end of yoga class as a meditation before shavasana, but the Bible just wasn't part of her studies even though she already Loved Yeshua.

I was still apprehensive, but that evening I gave the Bible to Leslie and told her the whole story.  Leslie humbly accepted the gift from Yeshua. I was surprised at the ease of the whole situation.

Leslie began reading the New Testament of the Bible to honor Yeshua because the New Testament was about Him.  When she read "Revelation" she discovered the pattern of the 4's, the 7's and the 10's was all through it.  This pattern was in a lot of the other books she had studied.  It began to be apparent that this pattern was universal and related to our subtle anatomy and how we walk through this world.

Leslie was scheduled to take her exam to become a certified Yoga instructor on Monday August 29th the same day that Hurricane Katrina came along and wiped away life as we knew it.  We had a Reiki Attunement on Sunday and decided to stay for hurricane Katrina instead of leaving the Gulf Coast like so many did.

On Sunday evening after the attunement we realized as we watched the local news that there was no way to leave even if we wanted to.  The roads were bumper to bumper with cars and the traffic was at a near standstill.  We watched the weather on TV until the electricity went out.

Monday morning the winds were howling and it was dark in the house because we had boarded up the windows.  The suspense was too great and Leslie suggested we go outside and watch the storm.

We stood in the back yard in the shelter of a couple of large Magnolia trees, standing on their leeward side, almost hugging them to stay protected from flying debris.  We noticed the water in the marsh behind our house rising but didn't think too much of it.  That was pretty normal for a storm tide.

As time went by we watched the water continue to rise.  We found some bricks and marked the edge of the water and would move them every few minutes to keep track of the rising water.  The water kept getting deeper and deeper and passing the elevation it had reached in Hurricane Camille.

The elevation of our house is 26 feet above sea level, so when the water started going in the house and still rising we got a ladder and climbed up on the roof to escape the rising water.  We watched our cars bobbing around in the front of the house like corks and of course they were ruined by the salt water.

We had knee deep water in the house which ruined most of the furniture. We had to throw away most of our furniture, beds, sofa etc.  There were leaves piled up in the laundry room about knee deep and leaves and mud and water all over the rest of the house.

We shoveled all the leaves and mud out of the house and mopped the floors to get them clean. Late in the afternoon we took a walk to the beach which is about a half mile away.  The houses were all gone and only empty slabs, pillars and posts were left.

We felt blessed to be alive and at least have a house to live in.  When we were able to use our phones again I found out I still had a job, even though the building had been flooded with four feet of water.  It has been about rebuilding our house ever since. It is now 2012 and we still have the kitchen and one bathroom to rip out and rebuild.

Two of the yoga studios that Leslie taught in were destroyed in the storm.  The one studio that was left took a couple of weeks to repair and when they called to ask Leslie to come back and teach she just wasn't ready to leave the house and all the work that had to be done.  Besides we didn't even have a car yet, they had been destroyed in the storm.

Leslie never did go back to teaching yoga classes. Leslie realized that she wanted to go deeper than traditional yoga could take her.

Leslie kept studying the Bible. She found the Nag Hammadi Library and Pistis Sophia: "The Books of the Savior" which she also studied.  Leslie is always studying and learning.


About six months after the storm Leslie announced she was going to have a funeral.  We went into the back yard and dug a a grave.  Leslie said some prayers and buried her old yoga self, all her yoga clothes and all her yoga materials. It was a proper funeral.  She was letting go of her past life as a yoga teacher and beginning anew.  As she buried her past life, Leslie prayed to become a yoga student and teacher of the Most High.

Shortly after this burial, Leslie became interested in Kabbalah.  We had received the Kabbalah symbol as part of Ascension Reiki but really didn't know much about it.  She searched the web for more information and found that there were Hebrew letters on the Kabbalah.  She wanted to know what the letters meant.
In the web searches, Leslie found a book with the Kabbalah symbol that looked like the one we received in Ascension Reiki.  It had the Hebrew letters on it.

The book she found was the "Sefer Yetzirah" translated by Aryeh Kaplan.  The Sefer Yetzirah is said to be written by Abraham of the Bible.  Abraham and Sarah were visited by Melchizedek (Malki-Tzedek - Mother/Father).  According to the Bible, Melchizedek was never born and never died but just manifested to Abraham and Sarah as the King of Peace, the High Priest of our One Creator.

The Midrash says that Melchizedek taught Abraham and Sarah the Torah and
after reading the Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Creation) it becomes obvious that Melchizedek taught Abraham and Sarah much more than Kabbalah and the mysteries of the Hebrew Aleph-Beit.  Melchizedek is one of our Teachers in Ascension Reiki and it is a co-incidence that Leslie was led to find this book on Kabbalah.

The knowledge of the Hebrew Alphabet and Kabbalah is explained very well in the Sefer Yetzirah and Leslie became inspired to study the 22 letters of the Hebrew Aleph-Beit in more depth. As she studied and shared with me what she was learning I could feel the energy of the letters and began to study the letters following in Leslie's footsteps.
The first book Leslie gave me to study was "The Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet" by Edward Hoffman. I was hooked after reading these first few sentences ......

"Judaism has always regarded Hebrew as a sacred language, the medium of Divine communication. For millennia, its sages and mystics have taught that the letters are no ordinary vehicle of expression. Indeed, the very word for letter in Hebrew--Ot--also means sign or wonder: that is, a heavenly revelation. It's therefore long been advised: the more we learn about the letters through both study and meditation, the greater becomes our inner development."

Tikkun Olam

Then one night, Leslie had a dream in which she heard the words "And The Holy One, through thought, brought the broken shards together with the 22 letters".
That same night I was awakened three times, and each time I was awakened, I heard the Hebrew words "Tikkun Olam" which is the gathering of the broken shards of all the souls of humanity and the restoring of us all into the vessels of light that we were in the beginning.

This dream was the first real clue to understanding the words of Yeshua "The Miracle Begins"

Kabbalah and the Hebrew Aleph-Beit

As Leslie studied the mysteries of Kabbalah she learned that the 22 Hebrew Letters together with the 10 Sefiroh (spheres of Kabbalah) are known as the 32 path ways of the Nativ. The Nativ or Nativity is the inner pathway to God.  The word Nativ is also close to the word native and it can be associated with our Original Nature.  She also learned that the Kabbalah tells the story of Creation and the flow of the Chi of God in and through time and space.

The 22 Hebrew letters on the Kabbalah are arranged in three groups.  Each group of letters has a specific relationship in the understanding of the flow of Chi in the movement of time throughout the year.

The 12 elemental letters bring a deeper understanding of the flow of Chi through the twelve constellations or signs of the zodiac and the four seasons.

The 7 double letters bring insight into the flow of Chi through the cycle of the seven days of the week.

The The 3 mother letters reveal the flow of Chi through the Yin/Winter-(days of rain) and Yang /Summer-(days of sun) parts of the year and the transition between the two.

Leslie's path led us deeper and deeper into the lunar/solar calendar of the Hebrew tradition. As she studied The Jewish Book of Days by Jill Hammer and The Voice of the Lord by Dr. David H. Stern she learned that the four seasons of the year were each dived into two segments.  The eight segments of the year, each lasting approximately a month and a half represented the eight parts of the Tree of Life:
The Seed
The Root
The Branch
The Sap
The Bud
The Leaf
The Flower
The Fruit

We walked the Eight Fold Path of Buddha and wondered how it was connected with the Hebrew knowledge.  Leslie learned that the 22 letters of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet are all listed in Psalm 119 of the Bible.  Each of the 22 letters has eight verses.  Each of the eight verses begins with a word that begins with the Hebrew letter of those eight verses showing us that the Eightfold path of Buddha has a relationship to the eight verses of each of the 22 letters of Psalm 119.

The Meridians

One day, Tamu, a friend of ours suggested to Leslie that she check out Donna Eden's videos of "Tracing the Meridians".  We knew little about the meridians, but did know that they are part of our subtle anatomy.  We had no idea that you could trace them with Reiki intent to bring healing and balance into a regular practice.  Leslie began to practice daily the tracing of the meridians and as she shared the practice with me and I learned it also.

Leslie became a student of the meridian system and Chinese Medicine which opened up a whole new understanding of Reiki Healing.

The Awakening of Reiju

Each month Leslie and I offer free attunements to everyone.  There are usually 50-100 people each month who request attunements in Usui and Ascension Reiki.  At the same time we also offer Reiju for those who have already been attuned in Reiki and there may be 20-50 people joining with us to receive Reiju.

Reiju is Reiki energy that removes blockages in our subtle anatomy so that Reiki can flow better.  At least that was our understanding at the time.  That is also the general understanding in the Reiki Community.

We knew we are not the ones giving the attunement, just facilitators and we along with everyone else were receiving Reiju from our One Creator during these attunements.  Toward the end of one of the Attunement Sessions I heard the words "Reiju Reiki".  I didn't think much about it but told Leslie after the attunement what I had heard.

The next month during the monthly attunement session I again heard the words "Reiju Reiki" but this time I knew we were being attuned in Reiju Reiki.  It was a total surprise to us yet we could feel the difference between what we knew as Reiju and the Attunement in "Reiju Reiki".

During the next months attunement session we were shown that there are 7 attunements in Reiju Reiki and we had received the first three.  We also learned that the 7 attunements were closely associate with the 7 Virtues, Grounding, Sharing, Acceptance, Balance, Compassion, Humility and Alignment.

Each month we received another attunement in Reiju Reiki until we receive all Seven Degree attunements in Reiju Reiki .  So far what we know is that Reiju Reiki is about being in the presence of our Creator and remembering friends, family, and all of Humanity at the same time. Not exactly sending Reiki but remembering and connecting with everyone as we enter the "Reiju Presence" of Our One Creator.

The Jesus Sutras

After studying for months Leslie was doing a search on the internet for something and came across a book called "The Jesus Sutras- Rediscovering the lost religion of Taoist Christianity".......

"Near the end of the nineteenth century, on the extreme northwest frontier of China, a Taoist priest living a few miles outside the oasis town of Dunhuang broke into a room cut into the rocks of a remote mountain range."  The room the priest had discovered was a secret library, bricked in with a material that indicated the cave had been sealed around 1005." (The Jesus Sutras-Introduction)

Inside the room were thousands of scrolls of the great Faiths of China, mostly Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist.

"Carefully stored alongside these works were scrolls from a Faith that few knew had even existed in China at that time.  These scrolls spoke of "The Visitor", of "The Jade-Faced One", of "The One Sacred Spirit".  They told of how the world began and recorded stories told by Jesus the Messiah that were unknown in the west.  The scrolls were Christian books written in Chinese, telling a story of Christianity that is unique, surprising and Hopeful, a story of Faith and insight that is relevant to the lives of contemporary spiritual seekers of all backgrounds."(The Jesus Sutras-Introduction)

The sutras teach that "In the beginning was the Natural constant, the true Stillness of the Origin, and the Primordial Void of the Most High." (Jesus Sutras- p. 225).  The Sutras also teach that The Void, The Tao is made of three constants Yin/Yang and Qi and that in the beginning humans were simple and innocent and lived in their Original Nature as guardians of the earth.

Then deception came when humans sought after glitter and gold and they then became subject to death and lies.  There was no way out.  Humans were stuck in Karma, birth, old age and death in continuous cycles of reincarnation.

Then Yeshua was born of the virgin and became the savior, the messiah who ascended into immortality in broad daylight becoming the way of salvation for all of humanity, setting in motion the raft of salvation so that humanity can ascend into the heavens and be one with our Creator again, thus ending the cycle of birth, old age, death and reincarnation.

The Jesus Sutras teaches us more about the pattern of the Four Directions, The eightfold path, the Tenfold Nature of Divine Love and the Salvation of Yeshua, the way of Salvation, the Way to end Karma and Reincarnation.

The Miracle Yeshua spoke of was hidden in plain sight all along and the path that Leslie was led to walk had come full circle right back to Yeshua.  The patterns of the "Order of Light" that Leslie had learned over the years were validated and confirmed in the Jesus Sutras.

Because of Leslie's years of prayer, study and meditation, the Awakening of "Reiju Reiki" has happened and is a blessing that is being shared with us all by Our One Creator.