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Introduction by Jayson

Psalm 119 is a mysterious Psalm about the 22 Letters of the Hebrew Aleph-Beit. Each letter has eight verses. Each verse of a letter begins with that letter so there are eight verses beginning with the same letter. The Mystery of the Hebrew Aleph-Beit is hidden in plain sight for all to see.

Leslie has been studying Psalm 119 for several years now. Each day she reads in Hebrew from the verses of Psalm 119 that correspond to that day as a prayer offering. She introduced me to Psalm 119 and reads it out loud and I follow along reading silently with her.

The vibrations of the Hebrew began to lift us beyond what the English translation of the Bible had to offer. The English translation just didn't seem to resonate fully with the Hebrew words.

Leslie was led to translate Psalm 119 from the original Hebrew into English. She used Strongs Exhaustive Concordance and the Biblos web site http://www.biblos.com/ - http://interlinearbible.org/psalms/119 - http://biblos.com/psalms/119-1.htm - http://biblelexicon.org/psalms/119-1.htm and other sources to find the meaning of the Hebrew words in the verses.

Hebrew is a transcendental language that has reverse engineering in its words and letters and can show two different views of the same word. At a very basic level the words can be viewed as a cup half empty or a cup half full. An example from the Lords prayer is "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others" or "Uplift us as we uplift others".

Leslie's translation is not a historical translation of the verses but a transcendental look at the letters, words, and verses. Her translation is not meant to invalidate the translations that we see in the Kings James Bible or other Bible translations but to open the reader to a greater depth of understanding of the depth of the Hebrew language and our Creator's willingness to communicate with us through it.

Her translation also takes into account the knowledge of Kabbalah and the letters of the Hebrew Aleph-Beit.  Without the knowledge and understanding of the Elohim, the Sevens of Time, The Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold path, The Tenfold Nature of Divine Love and our total subtle anatomy the verses remain in fear based obscurity.

We Hope to include verses in Hebrew and the transliteration (how to pronounce the Hebrew) soon.  We are working on it.

The translation is finished but making web pages is taking time so I am posting the verses as the pages are completed. We Hope you enjoy the pages and visit often.

Revealing the Path of Finding Psalm 119
by Leslie

In the middle of the 12th night of Adar in the year of 2009, I was awakened to a vision of a Presence in my bedroom.  I was stunned and mystified by what I witnessed.  From my journal, I wrote, "It was a vision of the Unmanifested who came to my bed. His face was Huge, as big as the room.  His hair was like clouds. He was semi-transparent, and never spoke a word, but was filled with love and compassion.  As I gazed upon him, a light sparked from his right eye, like a star." His appearance reminded me of a statue of Zeus. Later on, I realized that "Je-Zeus", was the name given to Our Lord and Savior, whom we know as Yeshua.

As I kept pondering on the vision of that night, I was given a thought from 1st Corinthians 13:12.   "For now we see through a glass darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known."

A couple of years passed and one day, as I was placing an order to buy books from amazon.com, I happened to glance down at the showing of books that was recommended for me to read. Among them was the book by Aryeh Kaplan called Meditation and the Bible. I was mesmerized by the resemblance of the illustration on the front cover that looked very similar to the Zeus vision of 2009. What struck me most, was that in the illustration, the spark of light was coming out of the same eye, that I saw in my vision. Without hesitation I ordered the book!


From the day that the book, Meditation and the Bible, reached my hands, I was absorbed by the wealth of knowledge and understanding packed into Aryeh Kaplan's book.  A whole new world was opened to me, when I realized that the practice of meditation was very much a part of Psalm 119. In contrast, the word, meditation, is not present in the English translation.  A question was raised in my mind. "If someone only read from the English and not the Hebrew text of the Bible, how would they know that Psalm 119 was addressing the practice of meditation?
Through the eyes of Aryeh Kaplan, I quickly found tremendous respect for Psalm 119, for it is the only Psalm in the Bible that addresses and salutes, so to speak, each one of the Hebrew Letters of the Aleph-Beit.  It inspires the reader to put on the yoke of meditation, and experience for themselves the hidden mysteries that are Gifted in a surrendered state of being.

There are five forms of meditation described by Aryeh Kaplan.  Each form is mentioned in Hebrew in the text of Psalm 119.  There may be variations of each word, but most clearly, these forms of meditation are present.

The forms of meditation described within the text of Meditation and the Bible, brought tremendous comfort to me.  It was from Kaplan's words that I found that I was being taught from the Heart of Our Home, a practice of meditation that has been long forgotten and removed from our culture.

Siyach meditation is a form of prayer.   "The word, "siyach" refers to speech that is not uttered for its own sake but in order to remove other thoughts of the mind, clearing it of worries, problems and other mundane ideas.  It's main connotation is therefore that of a distraction being a process intended to remove all extraneous thoughts of the mind."

"Siyach meditation represents the spiritual ladder (Jacob's Ladder).  While others strive to gaze at the chariot (Merkava), the Midrash states that, "The Patriarchs themselves are the Chariot."  They are not like swimmers fighting the current to ascend up stream but like individuals smoothly floating on the still waters at the source."

I have found that Siyach Meditation is closely associated to Miriam and Yeshua.

Hagah meditation is involved with the process of purification and cleansing of the mind through thought, speech or sound.  Through Hagah mediation, one gives up control of the process, goals and direction that meditation takes, allowing God to steer the ship.   "Hagah meditation is therefore meant to provide the mind with a rudder and a helm so it no longer drifts aimlessly in the sea of thought."

"The methods of Hagah meditation involve the repetition of sounds, words, phrases or melodies and is therefore closely related to various forms of Mantra meditation."

I found that Hagah meditation is closely related to the teachings of Yasodhara and Buddha.

Ranan Meditation encompasses explosive emotions that are aroused through the senses.  Through the interplay of music, dance, literature and art, our senses are heightened.  In this form of meditation, our prayer offerings are readily heard as we join with The Divine through the path of emotions.  Many times, from out of the blue, I experience a thought that arises in my meditation.  As I focus on the gift of thought, sometimes it brings happiness and joy, but then other times, it immediately sparks grief and sadness.  Tears flow from my eyes during those moments, uncontrollably.  As I become conscious of myself in my meditation, the memory disappears, and I regain the contemplative state.

Ranan Meditation is associated with Uma and Brahman.

Veiled or blind rapture is ShaSha meditation which gives a sense of tranquility oblivious to all outside influences.  ShaSha meditation divorces oneself from all troubles setting up a barrier of spiritual protection.  "Rapt attention" or wrapped attention (like a baby wrapped in a warm blanket) is how I like to think of this form of meditation.  When I sit in meditation, I have a blanket covering my body.  It is a reminder of being a child of God, snuggly wrapped, and in a place a comfort.  From that place I am able to be attentive to the Word of God.

ShaSha Meditation is associated with Radharani and Krishna.

Hitbonenut Meditation is a practice of realizing that we are One with Divine Nature.

It is the practice of humbly under-standing the wealth and beauty of God by dissolving into the stillness of All that is. It is a practice of witnessing the Hidden Nature of Wisdom. The Gift of Hitbonenut is found only after you realize your meditation practice is over.

Hibonenut meditation is associated with The I Am Presence.


From my personal experience, I would like to share with you from a page of my journal dated November 14, 2010. "Malchi-Tzedek directs me through a spontaneous pattern of woven knowledge. As I meditate on the knowledge within the text I am able to go deeper into the stillness, dissolving into nothingness. When I finally am free of self imposed thought, I float in the Nothingness and experience God's Love personified."

As you read through the text of Psalm 119 in Hebrew, be ever mindful of finding these words that are associated with meditation.


Words from Leslie

This is a list of words, that were frequently used in Psalm 119...

meod= force, much abundance, abundance of light... I used "Life Force"

bechookotecha = fixed order, measure, and appointment of space and
time....something prescribed, or owed, how to measure/count/number/observe/ be One with....Eventually evolved into "The Order of Divine Nature"

....The Order of Divine Nature is the Subtle Anotomy of Our One Creator after whose image we are created.

befikoodecha= precepts, enjoin, directions...enjoin means to fasten to, bring upon, prescribe, remembrance[paqad]

benifleotecha= wonders, miracles of Light

chishavti= woven as in woven cords of Light

chookecha = something prescribed, or owed... a Statute.....boundaries, custom, tradition. I used "Fields of Divine Nature"....

....The Fields of Divine Nature are the energy fields of our Subtle Anatomy. The Field of the Body, The Field of the Mind, The Field of the Soul, The Field of the Spirit, The Field of the Will, The Field of the Higher Self, The Field of the Sacred Heart. Our One Creator is the knower in all the fields.

derek= The Path

elmad= Only once was the word "elmad" presented....
It translates as Goad.. and Poker... Instructor.

Those are the Sparks of Light that we receive all of the time, that
help us walk our path :)
With that understanding... Elmad became The Goad of OM

eshtaasha= to look upon-contemplate

horetani > Yarah > to throw, shoot... archer... teach... direct,.... inform....
Evolved into an association with The 4 Directions... ... Aiming for the Target... the Center... which is Home.

immrateckha .... evolved into the Living Waters of Your Love (Word)
Emra is associated with Mem.... the Living Waters.... and the Meridians.

lev= inner man, mind, will, heart, courage, desire, intelligence, purpose, understanding, wisdom- wisdom of your heart, knowledge

mishpatecha = Light of the Spoken Word. ..... which evolved into the 8 fold path... and the Spokes on the Wheel of Life.... which evolved into The SOUND of Your Light... and OM.

....OM-Amen-Amn= The Word, the Omnipresent vibration, the sound of many waters. As Yeshua stated in Revelation "I Am the Amen the true and faithful witness the beginning of Creation.

mispetei = justice, practice, plan, and ordinance.... I used "Discipline of Faith"

mitzvotecha = originally translated as Law of Light, your commandments,
obligation, law, order, tradition, personal forces, counsellors, and "Men of Council" ......
I used "The Light of Your Council"..... and The Order of Your LIght.......and
The Order of Light...

pikoodecha [paqad]= to attend, to visit, appoint, take notice, to keep, enjoin, remember (brance)

Torat= Light

....Torah = Is composed of Black and White Fire. In nature, Torah is at sunset and sunrise when the trees and landscape are black (Black Fire) and their individual shapes cannot be seen. Their shape is illuminated by the light in the sky (White Fire). The letters on the page are Black Fire and the white space around them, that illuminates, is White Fire.

.....Torah, The Way, The Tao, is Divine Light composed of Black (Yin) and White (Yang) Fire and Chi, the presence of Our One Creator in all of Creation,

Toratekha = The Way of Light - (Path)... The Light of Your Love

zedim= corrupt

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