Poems by Spirits Wind

His Feet were Shod with the Word of Truth

His soul wore shoes of the Word of the Fields
He walked His Path of Truth
That Peace from which All Love pours through
Was a Light
Was a Guide
That Light of Om
That Guide of Home
Moved His Soul Beyond the Limits of Time
Moved His Soul Beyond All Reason and Rhyme
Moved His Soul to the Gateway
Of Love Divine
That Soul of the Foot who’d been Trodden upon.

Word up, You say?
Word up, You might Pray.
That Word is Om that leads us Home
Home to the Heart of the Heart of Om
Home to the Home of the Home of Homes.

Remember Home?
Remember Om?
Remember the Foot of the Path?
Remember the One’s who’d been Trodden upon
To find Peace again
On YOUR Journey’s End
Remembering All of your Family and Friends?

See the Light on your Way
Let your Soul set to Lay
In the Pastures of Peace
And Still Waters of ease
Where Vision is Clear
There’ll be no more tears
In the Heart of the Home of the Home of Home.

Let your Soul Lead the Way
That Soul of the Foot whose been Trodden upon,
That Foot of the Word of the Soul of Home.

See that Light in Your Toes?
That’s the Ones who Knows
Where your Feet should goes
To Smell the Rose
Of the Heart of the Home of the Soul of Home
To the Heart of the Home of the Home of Homes.

His Feet Were Shod
The Word
Of Truth.

Om, Shanti, Peace, Peace, Peace.

Spirits Wind
March 22, 2006

The Well of Buddha

If Buddha Sat
On Earth today
Where would His Wellspring be?

That Well-Wisher?
Yes, The Compassionate One,
Where could I find
The Well of the Mind
Where the Senses are put to Rest?

Let’s See
Said He
That Knower of All
I think you might find Him here……
Then He pointed my Way to The Pentagon
Cross the Stream
Use the Bridge
By Pass ALL Passion-Ail-ities
Then you’ll get to a Welcome Sign:
Department of Welfare/Humanities.

That’s where He sits, That Buddha of Mine
With a Code of Laws that’s Truly Divine.
That Code of Life which Buddha called Dharma
Was just One of the Codes He brought us for
That Social Duty of Don’t and Do’s
Where Passions get flushed by the two by two’s.

No man is an Island?
Well Buddha might be,
If you Sat off your Passions
In Truth to be Free
Of the Mind of the Soul
To the Space in Between 
On the Heart of the Lotus
Do You Know What I Mean????

Southern Winds,
All that Stuff goes to Sea.
When you Set and you Rest
Blest and Free
In the Code
The Mode of

My Buddha lives in the Heart of my Home.
That’s where His Pentagon be.
He’s my Welfarer on my Wayfarin Home
All is Well
For my Buddha’s Serenity.

Welcome Hands of the The Mind of the Soul of Home
Welcome Home, Wayfarer, He sings.
Welcome Home to the Heart,
We are ALL to be One
Welcome Home 
For at Last

Freedom Rings.

Spirits Wind
March 31, 2006

The Aleph and the Tav

The Last Word was the First Word
The Lost Word of AUM
The Sound of Living Waters,
The Way Home.

Begotten of the Father,
Begotten as the Son.
His Mother lived within Him
And His Mom and He were One.

For it was in the Beginning
That the Word of OM was formed
And sounded from the Mouth of God
The Breath of Life was Born.

The Word of OM became Flesh
Was The Body of Our Lord
Our Savior and Our Brother
~Eternal Word~.

Grace filled His Path with Knowledge,
Truth from the Heart of God,
And the Glory shown about Him
Was Pure Light Enthroned in Love.

Blessed Bee, The King of Glory.
Blessed Bee, His Light Divine.
Blessed Bee, The Living Word of God
The Breath of Life Divine.

For He feeds us through the Ages
With His Manna filled with Love
With The Hope that we’ll Remember
Within us
From Above.

The Word of OM became Flesh.
The Word of OM IS God.
The Living Breath of Heaven
Lights the Staff within Thy Rod.

OM, Shanti, Peace, Peace, Peace.

Spirits Wind
June 20, 2006

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders Fields red poppies blow.
The Breath of OM,
Hope’s Dance to Show
The Oneness of All,
Silent Prayers of Grace,
Compassion of Christ
Those who run the race.
These are the Fields where the Innocent lay.
Bring Light to the Darkness,
Turn Night into Day.

Enlighten the Hearts of those left behind
To Remember our Brothers and Sisters in Time.
Those who have taken
 The Willed-Warriors Stance,
Wearing colors of Nations
In camouflage pants 
Surrendering All,
From the Heart of Illusion,
Right Purpose?
Right Reason,
There’s so much confusion.

Color Peace by the Glance 
of Your Eye from the Sky.
Let tears wash upon us,
Cleanse us by Sevens,
Right Actions to Peace,
Lift the Veils of the Fields
Of All Suffering to Cease.

May Thy Will of Surrender be Done, 
not our own.
That Path of Surrender, 
Instill in our Hearts The Truth of the Light,
The Grace of Compassion,
Intuitive Sight.
Spirits of Purity,
Eyes may they See
The Vision of Love,
Lady Liberty

We hold in our hearts the Torch of Our Home,
Passed on through The Ages
The Soul Cave of OM.
Enlighten Our Hearts.
Remember the Flame.
Let the Light from within us
Remember Thy Name.

It is Faith
That brings Comfort to Heaven and Earth.
Brings Light to the Darkness,
Kisses the hurt.
Remember Our Family.
Remember Our Friends.
Only Love is the Answer.
The End.

In Response and Respect given to 
The poem, Flanders Fields by Col. John McCrae, 1915

Spirits Wind
July 9, 2006


The Divine Nature of Om

Om was the Living Word from the Great Nest.

Om grew four legs for Burdens to Rest.

Om walked to Bethlehem ,

Miriam’s Friend,

Bringing Light to the Nations

and Gentle to Men.


Om carried Yeshua into the Gates,

to lift up our Burdens from Suffering and Hate.

Om is the Donkey humble and strong,

who carried Salvation’s Universe Song.


From Sunset to Sunrise that Knower of Time

Has given us Sevens and 10 Steps to Climb.

Between two Big Burdens

Om Lays Confessed

From the Heart of Forgiveness

This Donkey can Rest.


Those Burdens are Columns

Pathways of Light

where Invisible travel in Darkness and Night.

Divine is The Nature,

Grace Guided Sight,

as the Eye of the Fields

Sees the wrong from the right.

Sift the Seed from the Chaff by the Winnowing Fan.

Gather Grain for the Harvest.

Inherit the Land.

By the Hand

Become One.


Risen Yeast.


Lifting Labored and Weary,

The Burdens of Beast.


Letting Go,

The G-O-O-D Fight.


The Key.

Love IS the Answer;

Truth sets you free.


Lord of This Mystery

Balance the Right.

“For my Yoga is Easy;

My Burden Brings Light”.


Sprits Wind

May 7, 2007

18 Iyar, 5767




Shekinah’s Song


Moon’s Mirrored Wisdom

Two Stones Embrace

Knocking on Fours

Sunday’s Child * Fallen Grace


Chesed Beit * Counting Days

Souls that are Shattered

Partings of Ways

Gimel-Leg Turns

the Wheel into Motion

Eight-Footed Discipline

Prayers of an Ocean

Faith-Living Water

Light Daled’s Door

Knocking on

Knocking on

Knocking on Fours


The Wisdom of Kaf

is the Balance of OM

it is Feminine Dominance

Light on the Dome


for Pei * Hod’s Humility

Forgiveness is Key

Liquid Amber Compassion

Peace * Liberty


Seven Rays of Reish

Split Twins of Time

as Father and Mother

Saturn’s Universe Rhyme


Wisdom Remembers

The Maritime Tunes

Casting Seeds of the Light

on the Watery Moon


Mayim Eloheinu

teach your Children to pray

the Songs of Re-Membrance

Bridge the Gap with the Hei


Moon of Wisdom

Moon of Grace

from Beginning to End

Be Our Guide

Be Our Sukkot

Be Mother and Friend.



Spirits Wind 

15 Sivan 08


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